We established our breeding station Haydée's Kingdom after we fell in love with this type of dog, the dog with big personality. In March 2013 our Konny gave birth to four nicest puppies and after one and half a year, to another great group of seven. One of the first puppies stayed at home with us- Allegra, and no different in case of litter B- we have also small girl Bea. Also the second female puppy from litter A stayed in our family- Annie. In future we hope to get another young angels from this younger generation. In case you want to know everything else, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Litter "A" (Konny Flower x April Krásná Fanfára)- 3.3.2014
Litter "B" (Konny Flower x Verdell od Půlnočního slunce)- 3.10.2015